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May 22 2015

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April 08 2015

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March 03 2015

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February 25 2015

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February 24 2015

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February 14 2015

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why he lick me

Arcanine used Lick.
Ekans is now paralyzed and might not move.

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February 11 2015

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Look at this page. Riza is literally blacking out as she is standing there leaning on Roy and she slaps herself out of it because Roy needs her to be his sight. She’s like “No, he hasn’t given up so I can’t” DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS WOMAN IS STANDING AND AWAKE BY THE SHEER FORCE OF HER WILLPOWER ALONE?

She just finished laughing at the face of death and now refuses to let her body shut down due to blood loss because she is needed to fight, and because Roy refuses to let himself sit back and let other people do the work for him if he can still fight in any way.

Let’s get this straight: Olivier’s arm is in a sling and she’s had some blood loss and is tired from fighting and is being sidelined by her own men.

Riza just had her throat slit open and almost just died from blood loss after fighting envy and the Fuhrer candidates and she doesn’t even allow herself to consider not continuing in the fight.

This happens after she tells Roy she can still fight, so you know she is just standing there, waiting for them to be able to fight, waiting for the right moment, and reminding herself she can’t give up and collapse because she told him she could do it and above all else, Riza Hawkeye does not fail Roy Mustang. She will not fail him. She will not die. And she will not faint, because it’s her duty.


So when Greedling comes along, he tells Olivier to stay back, and he tries to tell Roy the same thing and Roy knows that Riza says she can do it, and he doesn’t doubt her for one second. If Riza’s will is set on something she will do it, and he already believes she won’t die, not for anything. So that’s not an option. Giving up is not an option. If he doesn’t she won’t, and if she won’t, then he won’t.


And Greedling is like “No, bro, you guys are seriously fucked up, STAY BEHIND.”

And Roy is like “No. You need me, and I need her. We’re going.”

And Riza just stands there, glaring, because she made up her mind and ain’t no thing as small as blood loss going to stop her from ANYTHING.

Greedling is being RATIONAL here folks, there is no way in hell they are alright enough to go into battle alone, and if they were by themselves, they’d be sitting ducks. But Lan Fan knows. She gets it. She cut her own arm off for Ling, and she understands that there are some things so important that you can defy your body’s urges to shut down for, and she instantly understands that Riza is going to remain in the game as long as Roy is in and there is nothing that can convince her otherwise, so she’s just like “Come on,” arguing is going to get them nowhere.

And the two of them together are going to keep each other alive and function as one unit and you can’t stop them, Roy does not give a shit if you think he can’t do something  — he will do it anyways, and do it in style.

He does, too! They’re LOSING, and badly, and nothing they’re doing seems to be taking affect, and then the Briggs soldiers are told to hit the deck, because Roy is there and the BRIGGS soldiers are scared shitless. (also really grateful for the backup. One Roy Mustang with Riza Hawkeye is apparently more or less equal to an entire Briggs Battalion.)


You know that saying, behind every powerful man — and by powerful, I mean supposedly the biggest, baddest, meanest soldiers in the entire series are abso-fucking-lutely terrified of Roy’s abilities, and he wields supposedly some of the most powerful alchemy known to man, and hey, he’s killed homunculi and made them afraid of him — there is a great woman?

That woman is First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.


BAMF. Acronym - Badass Motherfucker. Noun. Definition: Riza Hawkeye.

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Wintertime makes ratties tired

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He also:

  • told Neville to stand up to people
  • confronted a full-sized mountain troll to save a girl he couldn’t stand
  • said it didn’t matter whether someone was a pureblood, half-blood, or Muggle-born
  • gave Dobby his sweater
  • faced a bunch of giant spiders in the hopes of saving the school and clearing Hagrid’s name
  • told Luna he loved her Quidditch commentary, and very sincerely tried to convince her he wasn’t teasing her
  • stood up on a broken leg, trying to protect Harry
  • gave up his grudge against Hermione the moment he learned how much she, Hagrid, and Buckbeak needed him
  • realized he was wrong about Harry putting his name in the Goblet of Fire, and promptly went to apologize
  • jumped into a freezing pond to save Harry and retrieve the Sword of Gryffindor
  • confronted his best friend to prevent his sister’s heart being broken any further than it already was
  • begged Bellatrix to torture him in place of Hermione
  • couldn’t break up with a girl who drove him nuts because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings
  • remembered the Hogwarts House Elves when no one else did, and wanted to make them evacuate, rather than order them to fight
  • tried to go back to Harry and Hermione as soon as he left them
  • didn’t make excuses for leaving, he came right out and admitted he had been wrong
  • didn’t get angry at Hermione for taking a long time to forgive him
  • saved Tonks’s life (while impersonating Harry to lower Harry’s chances of being killed, at the same time increasing his own)
  • told Hermione not to curse Draco, even though he hates him

In conclusion, Ron is awesome. The end.

and he put his shoes and socks on dobby to be buried in because he knew how much dobby loved clothes. disliking ron weasley’s character makes 0 sense.

reblogging for the 100th time because ronald.

My baby.


Not really into this fandom but who doesn’t love Ron?

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So I bought a pack of google eyes.

Well, somebody gives a rat’s ass about humour

The only good comment on my post omg

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February 09 2015

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